9 February 2016


Dinner time

We hear from superyacht head chef Alix Verrips about her recent stint in the world-renowned Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and how the Michelin-starred kitchen compares to the pressures of a cooking on a superyacht.


HMRC’s best kept secret

SuperyachtNews.com invites Patrick Maflin of Marine Accounts to discuss the Seafarers Earnings Deduction, a unique piece of tax legislation developed over 15 years of legal wrangling.


YachtChat: The Tinder of the superyacht world

Tinder for superyacht crew is here. Meet YachtChat, the app that combines geo-localised networking and socialising with daywork.


Migrant crisis: insurance implications

There has been much surrounding what to do should your superyacht encounter migrants, but how would an owner feel about his or her yacht being part of a migrant rescue? And what would the insurance company say?


Street meets sail

Adidas officially launched its Sailing range at the 2016 London Boat Show, now the sportswear Goliath has set its sights on the superyacht industry.


2016 Superyacht Intelligence Annual Report: Have you subscribed?

The most reliable and candid report on the new build sector will be published in the coming days, and this time it comes with added GT value.



SuperyachtJobs.com is our sister website, that can help you with all your recruitment and training needs - whether you need a new crewmember on board or are looking for your next position, SuperyachtJobs.com has it all.


Invisible crew

As crew, how do you feel about the increasing presence of technology that means crew are less visible to the owners?

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