31 August 2015


Editor's column: Bad practice

Our editor receives complaints about bad practices taking place in this industry on an almost daily basis. Here, the editor asks you, the crew, to come forward and tell us what's happening, so we can try to get to the bottom of it.


Doyle Stratis ICE

The 44m 'Mari Cha III' has completed 5000 miles in just over a month of cruising with her new Doyle Stratis ICE sails. Captain Christian Lay has given us his take on how the new sail wardrobe is performing under pressure.


Healing wounds

In 2011, five wounded veterans and their partners stepped on board One More Toy for the first charter under charity Operation. Since that first trip, four more have taken place. Lulu Trask talks to the captains of these charters.


Sink or Swim at GSF

An interactive and entertaining new session for this year’s Global Superyacht Forum will see entrepreneurs and inventors take to the stage to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.


Faking it

A recruitment agency was recently contacted by one of its crewmembers reporting a false reference, whereby a crewmember had forged a captain's signature by a simple 'copy and paste' job. Here we publish the email received by the recruitment agency.


Bunking up

Our Superyacht Golden Ticket crew survey reveals that 37.9 per cent of you have a cabin all to yourself - and we're not just talking about captains and chief engineers. We bring you the figures that show a fair few of you have it pretty good.



SuperyachtJobs.com is our sister website, that can help you with all your recruitment and training needs - whether you need a new crewmember on board or are looking for your next position, SuperyachtJobs.com has it all.


Should crew 'test' toys?

How important is it that crew 'test' (or, for a better word, 'play') with a superyacht's latest toys to ensure there are no problems when the guests come to use them?

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