30 August 2014


Name your poison

Watkins Superyachts takes an active approach in sharing incidents that occur within their fleet in order to improve safety culture across the industry. In their latest circular, Adrian McCourt, shares two reports concerning the accidental ingestion of chemicals on board.


Captains' comments: paper captains

Today’s superyacht industry is home to many young captains who have worked their way up the career ladder speedily, raising the question of at-sea experience. In a preview of issue 70 of The Crew Report, we hear the thoughts of four captains on what we have termed ‘junior paper captains’.


Going for broke

A captain’s involvement in the sale of a superyacht can reach different levels depending on an owner’s requirements, but what happens when a captain replaces a broker altogether? In a preview to issue 70, Captain Todd Rapley explains the process.


Stop pushing mandatory interior training, says PYA

Following The Crew Report’s article on the lack of mandatory training for the interior department, Joey Meen, training and certification director for the PYA contacted The Crew Report and explained why the industry needs to steer away from this 'mandatory' wish list.


Best of both worlds

What happens when one of the yacht’s crewmembers also happens to be its owner? In a preview of issue 70 of The Crew Report, Lulu Trask speaks to those few lucky enough to be in this unique position and asks them (and their captains) how the dual role affects and impacts operations and relationships on board.


Room for improvement

The MCA have released a Marine Guidance Note on the MLC's substantially equivalent accommodation standards for large commercial yachts of 3000gt to less than 5000gt, a promising sign for the future of the superyacht industry.



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What do you want from the boat shows?

The Autumn boat show season is approaching! For crew, the boat show season provides a hub of activity, but as a crewmember what do you look to get out of the boat shows?


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