6 July 2015


STCW standards

Captain Dario Savino, board member of the ItalianYachtMaster association and captain of M/Y Regina d'Italia, has recently undertaken a small study on the implementation of the STCW Code across Europe and here, he brings you his findings and concerns.


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Editor's column: Life of the privileged

Lulu Trask asks if superyacht crew are aware of just how good they have it in comparison to their merchant counterparts, and offers a solution to our predicted crew shortage that will benefit yacht and merchant crew alike.


Three, two, one action!

The world of video is playing an increasingly important role when it comes to recruiting superyacht crew. We hear from two recruitment agents about the pros and cons of using a video in the recruitment process, from video CVs to Skype interviews.


Disregarding the COLREGS

CHIRP provides an incident reporting system for the maritime industry, an important tool for superyacht crew. Their latest bulletin addresses the importance of following the Collision Regulations.


Q&A: Crew savings

More and more crew are asking questions about what they should do with their money. Horizons, yacht crew advisory service, provides answers to the most frequently asked questions from junior and senior crew about what to do with their pay cheques.



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Where are all the quality crew?

Following a column from Captain Guy Booth, asking, "Where are all the quality crew?", we've had a great response on twitter, so we're putting the question to you for debate. So, where are all the quality crew?


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